Delhi folks, there’s an outdoor screening of Pulp Fiction in your town

Everyone’s fav cult movie in this great weather? Bring on the popcorn!

The non-Delhiwallahs out here might be wondering what the fuss is about. But those of you who live in this city more famous for butter chicken, momos and bad traffic know that the Delhi winter's perfect for being outdoors.

Blessed is he who gets to watch his fav movie at an outdoor cinema. Yeah, we might have mangled that bit of sublime dialogue from Pulp Fiction, but we’re just too excited to care. You see, the folks at Sunset Cinema Club are holding a ‘Movies & Chill’ outdoor movie screening at Akshara Theatre in central Delhi on Sunday, November 20 and, you guessed it, they’re showing what’s arguably Quentin Tarantino’s best (and most quotable) work. Of course, as any discerning cinema fan would expect, there’ll be food (hot dogs, burgers, dimsums…) and popcorn.

Excited? So are we. Get over to BookMyShow before Jules and Vincent lay some vengeance down on you.