Current affairs junkies, stay up to date with the UC News app

The UC Browser gurus say they know exactly what you want

Wonder which of your fav celebs has just had an, er, wardrobe malfunction? Or what’s the latest stand-up video to get your fellow citizens furious enough to gather pitchforks and torches? The folks at UC Web say they can help with their news app and revamped browser.

It’s not always bad news. Of course not. Don’t be such a grouch. But if you’re sick of overbearing TV anchors and panelists who can’t stop yelling (usually simultaneously, and at top volume) and newspapers that contain more advertising than current affairs, there’s always the Internet. And contrary to what your Luddite pals would claim, the Internet’s not just for cutesy cat videos, buying mobile phones and the kind of stuff your parents would be aghast to know you watch.

And the best way of getting your daily update (so you can appear all deep and knowledgeable when at one of those ghastly wine and cheese affairs everyone keeps on having) is to install a news aggregator app.

Content for the desi at heart

But according to UC Web, they aren’t just focusing on aggregating the same old content you spot everywhere else. For starters, there are over 20 ‘channels’ on popular topics, and apart from this, you can also customise your news feeds (we wouldn’t have it any other way).

Even better, UC Web plans on tying up with Indian publishers to make their content available via the UC news app. And since every news hound is invariably a social media junkie, they’ll also curate trending topics from Facebook and Twitter.

Cricket? Of course

UC Web also say one of their aims is to become India’s leading content provider. And they’ve hit upon a sure-shot way to going about that: By revamping UC Browser to include an in-app section called UC Cricket. (While this has been in the works for a while, they’ve decided to make a formal announcement now.)

Bringing together info from Twitter, Cricinfo and Bing, UC Web says this should make their news app the only choice for the sort of people who go out buying blue facepaint each time India’s playing a match.

Want to install UC News or Browser? Get the apps for free from Google Play or 9Apps.