CES 2020: The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is a concept car for mobility in the distant future

Avatar-inspired thing of beauty it is. A sequel, it’s not!

A tribute to Spielberg’s stunning cult film by way of creating an equally stunning concept car… Mercedes-Benz has done it.

Wait a minute… the UX on this one is so advanced that they’re themselves calling it their (MB designers, engineers and trend researchers) vision of ‘mobility in the distant future’. The global partnership takes one step closer to the film, originally set in 2154. While the good folks at Mercedes-Benz aren’t setting out on a mission to explore planet Pandora, they have set themselves to the task of successfully creating a concept car that creates an immersive experience for the passengers in a very planet Pandora-like universe.

Tell me in detail…

Starting with the design that connects the inside and outside to an emotional entity, its design language is unique and inspired by the film in equal parts. The conventional steering wheel is replaced by a multi-functional control console that allows human and machine to merge – the human touch literally brings the car to life, and the vehicle recognises the driver by their heartbeat. It’s quite something, isn’t it?

The immersive space experience is further enhanced by the curved display module that creates the visual connection between passengers and the outside world – making it as close to a living creature as they possibly can. Animal-like appearance and movements, organic battery tech,  and use of recyclable materials make it a much-awaited car in the distant future. For now, it’s been MB’s star announcement at the ongoing Las Vegas CES. Wait with bated breath while they translate this concept car into a production model you can buy.