Brag your way into LAN parties with Asus' liquid-cooled GX700

Liquid-cooling on a laptop is now a thing

When it comes to bragging rights, desktop PC builders have always taken the cake when it comes to cool (meaning insane) features such as liquid-cooling, dual SLI setups or rigs that look and perform like V8 engines. But that may not last much longer if Asus has its way.

The Taiwan-based tech giant has launched the world's first liquid-cooled laptop - the ROG GX700. Yes, you read that right. Okay, it isn’t the laptop itself that has liquid cooling, but it comes with a huge, detachable cooling module, creatively called the "Hydro Overclocking System". This system has two 92mm radiators and can dissipate over 500W of heat, which is just insane.

True to its name, the Hydro Overclocking System will let you overclock the GX700's already superfast 2.7GHz Core i7-6820HK processor by up to 48 percent and clock up the 64GB of DDR4 RAM by up to 43 percent. How does that work? Well, overclocking results in heat. So, the lower the heat, the more you can overclock and the better your laptop performs. Hence, by keeping the heat down, the Hydro Overclocking System lets you overclock to some pretty insane levels, resulting in insane gaming.

All that power, in addition to a 8GB GTX 980M graphics card, should be enough to run demanding games on nearly top settings on the 17-inch 4K UHD display.

Asus has also included a cool suitcase so you can carry the whole shebang around and impress all your friends.

The GX700 also packs a traditional cooling system - meaning big, loud fans - this is for when you have to lug the laptop around and can’t use the Overclocking System, which almost makes you treat it like the whole thing was a desktop PC. You won't be able to push the laptop when on-the-go as much as you would with the dock plugged in, but the stellar specs should be more than enough for decent gaming performance.

At more than 4.1 lacs, the top-spec GX700 is obviously being marketed as an exclusive product for (very) rich gamers. Stocks are therefore limited and you can buy one of these "laptops" on request only. Click here to buy one if you happen to be very rich and must game on extreme settings every time.