Bending the rules, like a boss

Lenovo unleashes the Yoga 900 and Tab 3 Pro in India

While pulling off the Pungu Mayurasana may be a stretch for the new Yoga tablets, they sure are capable of more than a few poses. Today Lenovo introduced two of its CES 2016 star products - the Yoga 900 convertible and the Yoga Tab 3 Pro (10in) - and we are smitten.

The Yoga 900 feels premium when you hold it and that gorgeous watch strap-inspired hinge, made from 813 individual parts, is pure metallic sorcery. Using the hinge, you can transform your Yoga 900 into four different modes (Laptop, Stand, Tent and Tablet). We kept changing the modes just to watch the hinges come alive, such pure unadulterated treat to the eyes it is. The body is merely 14.9mm thin and Lenovo claims it is the thinnest Intel Core i-based convertible laptop in the world. The 13.3in QHD screen is an absolute treat to watch HD movies on, with nice deep blacks and a great grip on colour. However, why have you skimped on the webcam bit, Lenovo? Why? I mean, a 1MP front cam ? Really? We will give this one a full-review treatment to see how it does.



Before we digress, we must tell you that the successor to the Yoga 3 Pro has beefy spec upgrades on the inside. Intel Core i7 processor? Tick. Up to 512GB of SSD storage? Tick. You can even have upto 16GB of RAM for a snappy laptop experience as you game or work on compute-intensive apps.

The second product is the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, a 10in tablet with a rather capable projector built right in. Even inside the fairly lit room at the press event, the 70in screen projected by the tablet looked quite good and was bright enough (50 lumens). Thanks to the smart rotatable hinge mechanism, you can effortlessly project your favourite YouTube video onto the ceiling too. If you thought the Yoga tab ran out of modes, you are wrong - this one introduces a new mode called ‘Hang’, which lets you hang the tablet on a hook while you watch videos online to cook some fresh pasta. Quite the acrobat, this.

The Yoga 900 and the Yoga 3 Pro hit stores by February end and could be yours for ₹1,22,090+ and 39,990 +taxes, respectively. Full review coming soon.