Avast says its mobile anti-theft app can now withstand a factory reset

And guess who scares us more than cyber criminals when it comes to the naughty stuff on our phones?

It’s a cinch that your PC has an antivirus app installed. But how about your phone? Considering it’s probably got access to all email and social media accounts, along with plenty of personal info, shouldn’t you be a little more careful?

But first, let’s take a quick look at the survey carried out by the antivirus gurus over at Avast. So, who do you think most Indian mobile users would least like to hand their phone’s data over to? Pesky hackers out of a Bond movie? Government spooks? Evil super-villains? Nope. It’s our mums. That’s right. Nothing terrifies a smartphone user more than the prospect of mum taking a look at his/her phone. Cyber criminals come in at second place, followed by your friends, father, siblings and, eventually, the government.

Other interesting nuggets we gleaned from Avast’s presentation on Internet security in India were: Over 60% of us don’t lock our phones; when we do lock specific apps, the most common app to be secured is WhatsApp. Other apps we wouldn’t like anyone to take a look at include the photo gallery, Facebook and system settings. Surprisingly, banking apps don’t even make it to the top 100!

And when we’re online, what do we do? Social media seems to be the most popular use, followed by shopping, email, video streaming and, er, porn (to be honest, we’re quite surprised that boring ol’ email’s managed to beat porn). Apart from this, over 90% of Indian Internet users believe they create passwords that are secure enough, and yet only around a tenth actually do so. And would you believe it - over 40% of those surveyed said they don’t change their passwords on a website even after they’ve been notified of a security breach.

Safeguard it!

Avast also showed off a couple of apps that should help secure your phone: First up, there’s Anti-theft for Android. According to Avast, this app can - in most cases - withstand even a complete reset. And installing it on a rooted device can improve security to the point that it’ll almost guarantee no smartphone thief will ever get away after nicking your new phone. Other apps include SecureMe for iOS devices, which includes a VPN and scans Wi-Fi networks to make sure they’re safe.

Avast has also released the 2016 version of its Mobile Security app for Android, an all-in-one app with features including app-locking, Wi-Fi security scan, SMS and call filter, anti-theft, app privacy scan, cloud-based malware scanner and a Wi-Fi finder to help locate reliable hotspots around you…