Apple Watch Hermès line goes on sale, starting at $1,100

Fashion brand adds style to the smartwatch line, but at a serious cost

Amidst the overstuffed lineup of announcements at its event last month, Apple revealed a partnership with legendary fashion brand Hermès to release a line of specially branded Apple Watch models.

And those are available now, for anyone with the cash to drop on a device that bears not one, but two brand names associated with expensive tastes. The Apple Watch Hermès line features three different band options, two of which are very different from anything already available for the Watch.

The Single Tour model is the relatively pedestrian option of the bunch: it's a stainless steel Apple Watch paired with a hand-stitched brown leather band, although the detail makes it stand out from Apple's own leather options. India prices aren't available at present, but it sells for US$1,100 for the 38mm model and US$1,150 for the 42mm option, and it comes in Fauve and Noir colours, with Capucine also available for the 38mm model.

The Double Tour (above), meanwhile, puts a much more distinctive Hermès flavour on Apple's device. It features an extra-long version of the Single Tour strap that's designed to wrap twice around your wrist, and with only a 38mm option available at US$1,250, it seems primarily targeted towards women. It's available in four colours, too: Fauve, Étain, Capucine, and Bleu Jean.

Finally, the Cuff option effectively appears to wrap a 42mm version of the Single Tour in a larger leather cuff that wraps below the Watch body and around your wrist. That's sold for US$1,500, and only in the Fauve colour pictured up top. No matter the model you pick, you'll get an exclusive Hermès watch face that matches the high-end leather: the squared circular clock look seems like it could command a nice sum itself, if Apple ever gets around to selling premium Watch faces.

All are available now, although it'll take some effort to get a hold of one: they're not being sold online at all, and only a small number of Apple Stores and Hermès stores (and Hermès partner stores) are carrying them. For example, just four U.S. cities and their surrounding areas have them - although there are 15 total stores between those locations.

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