Apple Watch to come with 8GB of storage, 2GB of which can be used for music

All three varieties of Cupertino’s wearable will offer the same capacity

A report by 9to5 Mac claims to have definitively solved one of the outstanding mysteries of the Apple Watch: its storage capacity.

The site says Apple has given confirmation that there’ll be 8GB of local storage on all three models of its wearable: Sport, Watch and Edition. But there’ll be limitations as to what you can use that space for.

2GB of it can be apportioned to local music storage, which is good news for anybody planning on taking the device with them while exercising: now they can listen to tunes (with the help of Bluetooth earphones) without needing to bring their iPhone along for the ride. 2GB is sufficient space for around 200 tracks encoded at good quality, so the Watch will never be a straight-up replacement for your iPod or other MP3 player – but it could make a handy supplementary device.

75MB of space, meanwhile, will be available for photo storage. That sounds a wee bit stingy, we agree – but Apple doesn’t want you to store your entire library of snaps on the Watch, more a “best of the best” collection. We’re probably talking 100 or so shots.

There’s no word on what the rest of the 6GB can be used for, but presumably it’s required for the OS, apps and the other bits of miscellaneous data required to run a wrist-mounted computer.

[Source: 9to5Mac]