Apple to call its Force Touch '3D Touch', with three pressure levels

Three dimensions of pressure, not two

Apple's going past simple Force Touch, says the latest rumour. The iPhone 6s will reportedly feature new tech called a "3D Touch Display".

"3D Touch" means that the screen's sensitivities will go beyond just a tap and press, but include a deeper press - essentially, there are now three dimensions of pressure. Adding a new pressure gesture would enable users to skip lengthy steps, meaning instead of clicking to a new screen or button, users could just engage in a deeper press. For instance, you could use the gesture as a substitute for clicking on the actions button on the right of a song in the Music app.

Besides adding shortcuts in using apps, the new Force Touch would add an interesting dimension to games and is likely to work with a new Taptic Engine for providing physical feedback to users.

With all that new tech, early iPhone 6 adopters might probably feel some envy but hey, they could always just wait till next year and upgrade to the iPhone 7 instead.

You can read all the rumours, speculation and stuff we know about the next iPhone in our iPhone 6s preview. It's expected to be unveiled this Wednesday, 9th September, at Apple's event.

[Source: 9to5Mac]