Amazon Prime Day 2018: everything you need to know

Prime Day 2018 will take place on 16 and 17 July. Here's how you can bag yourself a bargain this year.

Hands up who likes a bargain? Yep, that'll be all of you then.

Well the good news is that Amazon India's Prime Day is a few days away, and there will be plenty of deals to spend your hard-earned dough on. The bad news? There will be literally - LITERALLY - thousands of them to be trawled through in search of the good stuff. And that’s time consuming, we can tell you.

Be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back regularly if you want to take advantage of the savings. For now, read on to find a little bit more about Amazon Prime Day and how you can get involved.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon's take on the pocket, a single day stuffed with sales on every kind of product it sells with one small provision - you have to be a Amazon Prime member to take advantage.

Don't let that put you off, though, because Prime is a rather good deal regardless of Prime Day. 

To begin with, it gives you full access to its Amazon Prime Instant Video service (you'll find our own lovingly curated, and contantly updated, list of the best films and TV shows to watch on Prime Instant Video here), but also includes Prime Music and the Kindle Lending Library, plus unlimited one-day delivery from Amazon's humongous online marketplace.

Even better, Amazon usually ups the ante when it comes to Prime recruitment in the days leading up to the big sale, so you might even be able to bag a deal on membership too.

The sale will go on for 36 straight hours starting at 1PM on July 16 and exclusive products will be unveiled every three hours, make sure you make it on time or else things sell faster than the Roadrunner.

Stuff like electronics, gadgets, home appliances and furnishings, fashion accessories and other stuff will be shedding prices for you just so they can help empty your pocket. What else? The sale will include one-day deals and short-lived Lightning Deals so keep an eye on that space.

These will be brand new products from big-name brands, available exclusively for Prime members until 15 August.

You could end up saving a couple thousand bucks on food, movies and travel if you load up your Amazon Pay wallet. Do that and get 10% cash back. Deal breaker ain't it?

What deals can I find?

If you've had your eye on any Amazon product - be it a Kindle or an Amazon Echo - you can bet the discounts here will be pretty tempting indeed. Want to win an Echo Dot? Just play any three songs on Amazon Prime Video in between July 3 and 15. Keep your fingers crossed though, Amazon's picking out only two winners.

But Amazon isn't just slashing prices on its own kit, you will find genuine deals on tech and gadgets on Prime Day that might make it worth hanging on for if you were thinking of splashing out on some new kit any time soon.

For example, last year saw a number of deals on cheap TVs, plus games consoles did alright in the discount stakes too.

That means, if you've had your eye on a particular gadget for a while, you could see it knocked down a couple of bucks, and with a couple of great accessories or add-ons bundled with it too.

The OnePlus 6 Red Edition is tipped to go on sale with cashbacks and discounts, the budgeteer Xiaomi Y2 goes on sale (1PM on July 16), Amazon Prime Video's debuting seven different movies on seven different days and there are going to be more than two hundred brands showcasing their products too.

If you fancy shopping for your kitchen from Amazon Pantry, you could end up saving alot if you're buying in bulk.

Try doing all your shopping from the Amazon app itself, you can take part in Quizzes (you can win up to ₹5000) and if you're a HDFC Debit/Credit card user, stuff's going to be a little more cheaper than it already is.

We're secretly hoping for good deals on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but that's still TBC.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2018?

Amazon Prime Day 2018 has been confirmed as a slightly longer affair this year, starting at midday on Monday 16 July and finishing at midnight on 17 July.

However, while it will run for a full day and a half this year, many of the deals - known as Lightning Deals - appear for just six hours at certain times before disappearing again. That means you'll need to be quick off the mark if you're to grab a bargain.

Fortunately, we've had a little word in Amazon's ear to ensure we get a heads up of the best before they launch, so we'll pick out the highlights of Amazon Prime Day 2018 for you in advance.

How do I take part in Amazon Prime Day 2018?

1. First things first - You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to take advantage of the offers on Prime Day.

2. If you don’t already have one, it'll set you back ₹500 for 12 months. You can sign up for Amazon Prime here.

3. Everyone gets a 30-day free trial of Prime (unless they've already had one), so you could theoretically sign up to take advantage of Prime Day, then cancel again. But a) do remember to cancel and b) be aware that you may quickly get sucked in by the benefits Prime offers.

4. If you're on a particular Vodafone or Airtel postpaid plan user, then you're entitled to get a one whole year of Amazon Prime. Check your postpaid plan before getting too excited.

Anything else I should know about Amazon Prime Day 2018?

Everyone loves a bargain, but don't jump into Prime Day 2018 feet first, without first engaging your brain.

Just because something is reduced in price doesn't mean it's a steal. Some of the products available on Prime Day will undoubtedly be on the older side, and might have even been superseded by newer models. That doesn't necessarily mean they're not worth getting, but you might want to do some research first.

The saving stated might also be based on RRP rather than what it sells for normally. If you know something you might fancy already, it could be worth keep an eye on it now so you know just how much of a deal it really is.

That said, those that are genuine deals are likely to be snapped up quickly, so be prepared to start clicking as soon as they're live. Get your credit/debit card at the ready.