25 best robot movies ever

Metropolis (1927)

In the future city of Metropolis, people are divided into exalted thinkers and downtrodden workers, and a robot disguised as a woman causes sexually charged mischief. Fritz Lang's masterpiece was the most expensive silent movie ever made.

Hardware (1990)

If your boyfriend brought you a robot's head back from the post-apocalyptic desert, you'd probably tell him to jog on. But not Jill, who uses it in one of her sculptures. Imagine her shock when it starts using the rest of the sculpture to bolt itself back together. That'll teach her not to hoard crap.

Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1974)

Anything's possible in the crazy world of Gojira (or Godzilla to us Westerners). When apelike aliens build a mechanical Godzilla-alike to decimate Japan, the real thing has to take on his robotic counterpart – making absolutely no effort to avoid flattening half of Japan in the process. Good thing those are only model houses.

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Who’d have thought the combination of cybernetics and binmen would prove such an inspiration? This formative 1995 cyberpunk hybrid anime-CGI outing inspired the likes of Larry and Andy “Matrix” Wachowski and James “Avatar” Cameron.

Transformers: the Movie (1986)

Before Michael Bay started making two-hour ads for GM, there was Transformers: The Movie. It was a thinly veiled excuse to sell merch to pre-teen boys (and woefully bereft of Megan Fox’s midriff), but the dramatis personae read like a hip-hop hall of fame roll call – Arcee, Springer, Blurr, Hot Rod and Kup joined Optimus Prime and co for this robotic cartoon gem.