When MSI showcased their GS series for the first time, we suspected an Apple or Dell XPS rival. Rather, it was more towards a thin but powerful gaming laptop solution.

Fast forward to 2019 and we finally get to meet and greet what could be touted as the first office friendly laptop by MSI (not including the Workstation series).

Sleek, understated and very MSI, the PS63 is gearing up to offer the dragon logo to non-gaming consumers and is especially aimed at creators.

Build and design: it doesn’t bother so you shouldn’t too

The metal body is slightly textured. Not in a way that you could tell the difference immediately but if you hold a MacBook Pro next to it, the PS63 would feel slightly more relaxed on the skin.

The PS63 has taken subtle design cues from its new competitors and some inspiration from its GS cousin. That metal slab feeling with a Carbon Gray finish and a hint of blue on the edges are expressly a modern day office laptop, premium of all things as well.

Obviously, it's not razor thin like some Asus ZenBooks and not even close to touching the MacBook Air in that category but that 15.9mm thickness has exceptional port offerings like no other. Three USB Type-A (one with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0), one DisplayPort over USB Type-C, one HDMI, one microSD card reader and one headphone jack. Phew! Now dongle life just seems like a lifestyle choice, eh?



We were invited for a soft launch so we couldn’t thoroughly inspect the display on our turf and with our review standards. So with the limited time we had, we can say that it's one of the better displays around. The colours and saturation are on point but it's not as punchy as the MacBook Pro albeit we’ll only know for sure when we pit them side by side in the full review.

The 15.6in display sports Full HD resolution with 100% sRGB spectrum for creators, and it also has a good 60Hz IPS panel to satisfy long-term MSI loyalists.

The Creator Center by MSI lets you switch between different colour profiles for work and gaming. We were very impressed with the thin bezels this time. Boasting an 86% screen-to-body ratio, the 5.6mm bezels makes sure we see less of those unsightly black borders and more of the Full HD screen.

Keyboard and trackpad

Most MSI laptops have a SteelSeries keyboard. In fact, in the 2019 line-up, almost all of them sported the SteelSeries badge next to the keyboard. The PS series is no exception too but there’s no RGB. That’s because it would go against the office dress code.

The island-style backlit keyboard is comfortable to type on and has plenty per key surface area for big fingers. Coming down to the touchpad, MSI has adopted a new approach for touchpads by extending it 35% sideways. The silky smooth glass touchpad is as wide but slightly narrower in height compared to Apple's MacBooks. This means you can utilize touch gestures in Windows which is a nice approach. So MSI could be well on its way to shifting the trend on Windows laptops and now we want to see more laptops get it aside from Apple’s line-up. There’s also a fingerprint scanner on the touchpad.


Performance and specs

The latest update in the processor department is Intel’s Whiskey Lake 8th Gen processor. The PS63 has an Intel i7-8565U processor that is touted to be more power efficient. Clocked at 2.0GHz, we hear that the Whiskey Lake processor is capable of reaching higher boost clock speed than its Kaby Lake brethren.

According to MSI, the laptop should hold about 16 hours of battery life and manage a good full day’s work cycle. We’ll obviously be sure to test this in the full review.

The insides are housing an Nvidia GTX 1050 with Max-Q design and 16GB of RAM. There are three more variants in the PS series, of which, two are without the Nvidia GPU and one has a GeForce MX250. The laptop at hand is the top variant (PS63 Modern 8RC) which drops for about ₹1,29,990.



Initial Verdict

The MSI PS63 is turning out to be a promising laptop for the price. It’s got a sturdy body and a plethora of ports for a thin chassis.

We’re especially excited for the larger touchpad and how that shapes out while using Windows. Meanwhile, the understated metal body and small-sized charger indicate a travel-friendly work machine. You’ll have to wait for the final verdict so be sure to check back soon.​