Moov’s Now might look like just another wrist- or ankle-mounted movement tracker – albeit one with a unique honeycomb strap – but it’s anything but. In fact, the clue is in the name: this is one wrist-wrapping wearable that wants to get you off the sofa and moving.

Sure, the Moov will track your daily steps and automatically detect your sleep, but those are actually its weakest features and that data is the hardest to track down in the app.

What’s the Now’s real forte? It’s not a tracker, it's a trainer. The focus is on active minutes, in whatever form they take. Moov doesn’t just want you to strap on the Now and climb a few more stairs or take a toddle to the shops - it wants the Now to become your new workout guru.

Whilst it can follow exercises, think casual jogging or Sunday afternoon swimming, the get-up-and-go ethos of the Now is imbued in its bank of guided workouts, complete with voice coaching and rep-counting.

OK, so it relies entirely on your smartphone, meaning you won’t be able to run too far from your handset, but the quality and accuracy of its tracking and training is impeccable. Because sessions are selected at the start, the Now knows what motion to look for and can guide you to great effect as you gurn and grimace through seven-minute ab-crunchers, sprint intervals and bicycle burners.

What’s more, it can also pair with third-party heart rate monitors for even better muscle-making monitoring – quite the show from a ₹3K strapper.

The Moov, then, won’t hold your hand as your stride towards your step goals. It isn’t interested in motivating you to meet your foot-stepping fitness fantasies. Instead, the Now wants to replace your gym subscription and get you burning off the burgers properly with real-world workouts on your wrist.

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