Actually, calling the Urus an SUV would be disrespecting its engineers’ intent. As insiders like to claim, this is a sports car in a SUV “shape”, nothing more.

For its first media drive within the confines of India, Lamborghini chose the right car to flag things off, it’s latest offering in the supercar space, the Urus. Big, imposing and definitely an attention grabber like every Lamborghini should be, it is also the brand’s foray into the luxury SUV market. Not counting the LM002 which was more utilitarian, the Urus has opened up the brand to first-time customers who want a taste of the Italian bull without wanting to scrape its belly on Indian roads.


Keeping the hexagonal and sharp design elements of the family intact, the Urus is aggressive looking with copious amounts of air ducts and inlets fused into its creased bodywork that resembles origami in metal. The swooping roof gives it the hunkered-down stance and the squared-off wheel arches that hold either 21/22/23in wheels only add to the intent. The lower rear apron is designed to mimic the full-fat Lambo sportscars and the quad tailpipes embedded in an aluminium diffuser make it a great view for everyone that will be overtaken by it. And everyone, WILL be overtaken by it, trust me!


Inside, it’s all tech with two large touchscreens dominating the dash while an all-digital instrument cluster greets the driver’s view through the steering. Subtle haptic feedback on all the controls make it a lot easier to control while on the move as opposed to other touchscreens that need you to look and confirm if the action has been accepted. Tiny details like the Bang & Olufsen speaker grilles get the ‘Y’ design treatment too along with the most number of customisation options on any Lamborghini till date! The piece-de-resistance is the Tamburo control that is reminiscent of an aircraft throttle level and on the Urus it holds the flip-top engine start/stop button along with all the drive mode controls that let you set it up for full-on Corsa track mode or the nimble Neve mode that uses the torque vectoring system to its full potential in snow or slippery conditions.

Support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and even Baidu Carlife is standard, but the 21-speaker B&O sound system is an option that depends on how much you prefer the sonorous sound of the V8 exhaust as opposed to reproduced music. After all, Lamborghini engineers have spent way too much time on fine-tuning the sound of the exhaust, even in relation to engine speed and drive mode selected. You can go from stealth mode to “get out of my way” mode in an instant.


The perfect driving position and seats invite you like a warm hug from an ex-girlfriend. It feels familiar yet exciting at the same time. The digital speedometer has graphics that are designed to make you go faster it seems and the twin-turbo V8 under the hood plays along just fine. Developing a massive 850Nm of torque from as low as 2250RPM, this engine is tuned for drivability at any speed but the moment you stomp your foot on the throttle, all 650 horses seem to come alive to the whipping and it just lunges into the horizon like a rocket ship. The 8-speed gearbox just clanks down the cogs and drops a few almost immediately, giving you a visceral jolt in the lower back and sends you hurtling forward like a canon. The addictive sonic blast accompanying the explosive power delivery is a perfect companion for long, twisty drives. With an economy that can dip down to 3.5kmpl, make sure you’re around a petrol pump every time you’re grinning from ear to ear.

What is most impressive is the suspension set-up and the steering turn-in It’s 2.2 ton kerb weight is masked so well by the precise and quick steering rack that it’s hard to wrap your head around the physics of it. Helped by rear-wheel steering that move in the opposite direction as the front wheels at low speed and the same direction at higher speeds, it basically shrinks the car around the driver like no other hulking SUV can. The suspension, regardless of Smooth, Medium or Sport is always on the ball when it comes to being supple without soft. It’s almost as if it knows what bad the road surface is and is constantly adapting itself. It goes a long way in making this an everyday driver, with passengers on board! The brakes, carbon ceramic as standard are built to take a constant beating caused by the manic acceleration and they really do bite hard, stopping you from 100kph in less than 35mts.


Initial Verdict

Starting at 3.1 crores and offering customising options to your heart’s content, the Lamborghini Urus is a towering achievement for any car, let alone one that is built with an SUV mindset. It has comfortable rear seats and luggage space for four people with a 0-100kmph time of 3.6s, not many cars can claim that. Add to that, the allure and madness of the raging bull which the Urus maintains is impressive.

Until we get the car for a longer duration, rest assured that this car deserves all of your money, if you have it. It’s an all-trick pony that is ideally suited for supercar lovers dwelling in the metros.