This one is built for elegance and portability.

Listen up if you game on a laptop. The Tenkeyless version of the original Alloy Origins is compact and borrows most of its tech from its elder sibling.

Airy and light

The Alloy Origins Core is made from the same aircraft grade aluminium and isn’t as heavy as the Origins. That doesn’t mean Kingston has skimped on quality; in fact, it feels premium and well weighted, almost like a slab of those huge imported Cadbury chocolates. Keeping things practical and minimalist, Kingston has designed this keyboard keeping in mind ease of use as well as ease of maintenance. The base plate is clean and neat and the sloping angular design helps when cleaning as there are virtually no crevices for the dirt to get trapped in.

Back to black...

The key caps are blacked out just like the ones on the Alloy Origins. It comes with the standard keyboard layout, just without the number keys. The focus here is pure gaming and the keys are the HyperX mechanical ones. Our review unit had been fitted with the red variant, which is built to provide the same linear effect and feel that the Cherry MX Red offers. Getting used to it really spoils you; they require just that slight bit more pressure as you can feel the little tension when you actuate the keys.

Going soft

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core gets brighter than Kejriwal’s smile after winning the elections and has four levels of brightness adjustment. The LEDs are placed right above the key itself and are exposed, illuminating quite a bit of its surrounding area as well. It is an instant upgrade to your aesthetic and is going to impress anyone who walks into your den.

NGENUITY is freedom

Apart from the regular RGB modes – Color Cycle, Spectrum Wave, Breathing, Solid, 5 Zones, and Aurora, you can also set up macros and create user specific or game specific profiles for easy access. The NGenuity software will also back up your settings should you opt for that. The entire package now feels neater and streamlined for those looking for a portable option. It’s quite a bargain at ₹8990 (₹3000 less than the Alloy Origins).

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Kingston HyperX Alloy Origins Core review

Bright, tough, functional, portable and built like a tank! Is this even a keyboard?
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