Watch your steps with Garmin's new Venue 2 and Venue 2S smartwatches

It’s for venue you workout
05 July 2021 / 19:34IST

The new Garmin Venue 2 is watching your every move. Pun aside, the Venue 2 Smartwatch tracks your heart rate, pulse Pulse Ox2, respiration, stress, pregnancy cycle, menstrual cycle and sleep. You can download customizable workouts with over 1400 exercises for cardio, yoga, pilates and more. If you’re a runner or a cyclist, the watch has a GPS that offers more accurate metrics to improve your time. Don’t hesitate to push yourself to the very limits, Garmin’s automatic incident protection triggers an alarm if it detects that you’ve had an accident to keep you alive and healthy for round 2. Get your texts and calendar updates directly on your watch or download apps like Spotify or Amazon Music straight from Garmin’s Connect IQ store. Don’t worry, it is Android and iOS compatible. The Venue 2S and Venue 2 are available for ₹37,990 and ₹41,990.