Saeko Taiwan’s Blade mirror S53UV and Marlin K9 will make underwater activities worth splashing about

Tech enhanced for your swimming pleasure
29 July 2019 / 11:30IST

Swimmers gotta swim. But you’ve also got to protect your eyes. Now in times when panoramic view extends from a camera mode to a full blown theatre screen, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Popular brand in the swimwear game, Saeko Taiwan splashes its way into the subcontinent with two great options to make life under water look clearer. The wide-view lenses on the Blade mirror S53UV and Marlin K9 swimming goggles promises a panoramic 170-degree view under water, so don’t worry and just keep swimming. Pitched as a ‘fit-for-all’, the customisable goggles are also immensely lightweight and ensures impact resistance against aggressive water currents. Their patent Ultra 4 tech - UltraFit, UltraFuse, UltraFast Buckle and Ultra Anti-fog - goggles can now be ordered on Amazon. With prices starting from ₹1990, both professional and recreational swimmers can keep their head under water for as long as they can hold their breath.