If you’re exercising on a slim budget, Myntra’s Blink Go is the fitness tracker for you

The perfect marriage of smarts and fashion
29 June 2018 / 12:22IST

We’re too many smart watches old to be calling this one accessory a gadget anymore. A screen on the wrist is an essential part of daily dressing up. Sadly, everything that’s available in the category isn’t really worth showing off. Myntra’s Blink Go is a decent looking fitness band with some aesthetic appeal to it as well as the performance. It is capable of doing the usual - activity tracking by way of calculating steps, distance, calories, sleep and heart rate sensor and comes with colour TFT display. It’s a fitness tracker (that you can conveniently sync with your smartphones to receive standard alerts and notification) and doubles up as a watch… the designer straps can be changed to match your outfit - there, everyday basics are taken care of! Available at a very affordable price of 4199, and first of many on the Myntra Wearables portfolio, grab this one soon and gear up to experience smart connectivity features in various other wearable products by Myntra in the coming years.