Forever Floatride GROW is an eco-friendly addition to your sneaker closet

Vegan runs with plant-based running shoes
19 October 2020 / 17:06IST

If you wanna do your bit for the environment, add at least one sustainable item in your everyday routine, and then make it a habit to keep up the habit. Take Reebok’s Forever Floatride Grow, for instance… they’re a great start towards being a sustainable addition to your sneaker closet. Enough polyester and petroleum-based plastics in your shoe drawers already! Give those polyester monsters an au-naturale companion. Bring a pair home if you also support Reebok’s effort of choosing the path of sustainability without compromising on the high-performance standard already set by the brand. A whole lot of castor beans, eucalyptus, bloom algae and natural rubber gives the shoe the comfort cushioning, breathability, durability and responsiveness that your feet deserve from a sports shoe like this. Reebok Forever Floatride Grow is available for ₹12,999 both online and offline. Let it be your first step towards sustainable running, but certainly not the last one!