CES 2020: Now a smart belt that knows when you are about to fall

Going places where the Apple Watch simply cannot... fit
07 January 2020 / 10:52IST

The Koreans believe that your health is better tracked at your waist than from your wrist, which is why WELT uses a smart belt instead of a smartwatch to keep track of it. While the Apple Watch Series 5 can tell that you have fallen and SOS for help with ‘fall detection’, the WELT Smart Belt Pro can prevent a fall with its ‘fall prevention’ feature. No! Don’t expect a bunch of PreCrime police agents to drop from the sky to alert you that you are about to fall (and book you for it). This smart belt uses the stable signals provided by the sensor located at the centre of the body (in your belt) to detect patterns in small steps, which will notify a user of a fall in advance by monitoring how a user walks. Just like an Apple Watch, this one comes with fancy leather straps too, just that these wrap around your waist. It also packs in the standard automatic buckle that will keep your trousers up and your weight in check while it’s at it. This one’s priced at $395. Go ahead! It’s the new year and we’ve all gained some weight. We know you want one!