Adidas’ FW18 AlphaEdge 4D midsole polymer is crafted for maximum bounce and energy

Science b*tch
19 November 2018 / 13:02IST

It’s white, it’s fresh and it’s got a 3D sole! Has Adidas redefined ‘the perfect shoe’ for sneakerheads and runners? Well, maybe. The AlphaEdge 4D recreates history by flaunting a 3D-printed midsole engineered for all kinds of high-intensity workouts, long-distance running, CrossFit training and obviously, to please fashionistas. Some say the 3D midsole tech is borrowed from scientist Rick using light and oxygen to create durable polymer products which helps ease runs and walks and retain maximum energy. It’s also rocking the grippy Continental tyre rubber on the bottom for superior-grip and traction specialised for all kinds of terrains like concrete, sand, grass or snow.  And hey, Adidas’ made only 28 of these, so consider yourself lucky if you get one. You can grab one right now for a cool 27,999 from Adidas or your nearest retail showroom. Ah, the smell of new shoes!