Adidas creates a fresher take on comfort with the P.O.D-S3.1 silhouette

A mix of past, present and future
01 August 2018 / 15:39IST

The P.O.D-S3.1 by Adidas (₹12,999) are here to bring back the 90s with a pinch of modern to mix-n-match your joggers and jeans. We know you’re wondering what is P.O.D-S3.1? It’s an abbreviation for 'Point of Deflection System' created and designed by Adidas using its proprietory BOOST technology on the heel and EVA tech on the forefoot to make your feet feel happy, free and fluid. Its two-tone colour design is a combination of merging the past, present and future (three stripes), creating something that looks completely unique, but retains the Adidas Originals look. We think the #PODSystem might just be the future. It’s going on sale globally tomorrow and you can visit any Adidas store or order a pair for yourself from here.