Sony launches its crème de la crème 8K telly

Ok Google: How to steal a Sony telly?
05 October 2020 / 13:37IST

There’s never enough pixels and Sony has the answer. The Sony Z8H is going to hurt your wallet a lot. For a whopping ₹13,99,990, this 85in behemoth is packing all the best smarts from Sony. Its most powerful Picture Processor X1 Ultimate is at the heart of this and it manages to manage the colour and contrast. Sony’s also touting this as PlayStation 5 ready telly which means it can jump into low latency mode and fire up to 120Hz to get the gaming fever going. You can even control the PlayStation 5 with the telly remote which, by the way, comes with lights. The remote can sense when it's being picked up and illuminate the buttons to better see in the dark. Smells like home theatre to us and we couldn’t be more excited. It also comes with a light sensor that detects surrounding light and adjusts the brightness accordingly. And what home theatre is complete without audio? Sony’s dousing this telly with its Acoustic multi-audio that includes a vibrating frame tweeter. You know, the thing where the sound comes from the screen itself. It’s even got the Dolby Atmos logo slapped onboard. From Android to iOS, both users can enjoy the smart features with Android TV, Apple HomeKit and AirPlay 2. It’s available starting today.