Sony launches the Bravia A9F with the most powerful image processing chip ever

Packs quite the sound and smarts too
18 September 2018 / 15:28IST

Around this time last year we were being wowed by Sony’s first OLED the A1 and it's time to be wowed once again by Sony’s latest flagship, the Bravia A9F. Also known as the Master Series, the A9F is built to faithfully deliver the content creators vision right into our living room. Aiding that endeavour is Sony’s X1 Ultimate Picture Processor that is capable of recognising individual objects and modifying the frame to provide the best viewing experience. With Android TV 8.0 Oreo as its operating system, the A9F is smarter than your average fifth grader, allowing you a seamless navigating experience and Google Assistant for the times you are too lazy to press buttons. We were impressed by the A1’s use of actuators to create sound instead of speakers and where the A1 had two actuators to play with, the A9F has three, making it a 3.2 channel sound system. The A9F also improves the quality of streaming content with Netflix Calibrated Mode and Pixel contrast booster. All this and more in a beautifully elegant package that yells “buy me, buy me”. The Sony Bravia A9F is available in 55in and 65in, priced at ₹3,99,990 and ₹5,59,990 respectively.