Samsung’s Unbox Magic series smart TVs are now as smart as your smartphone

Smarty-face with crispy pixels
08 April 2019 / 17:32IST

Earlier, TVs had one job, to play your favourite channels with the help of one dumb remote. Now they have become slightly complicated and much more than just a screen and a remote. It’s mirrored into a bigger version of your small-screen smartphone and can do just about everything you think of. Well, except for calling and accessing pictures (imagine putting in a SIM card inside a 65in telly, my God). Anywho, Samsung just unveiled its Unbox Magic TVs lining up from a 32in (starting from ₹24,900) all the way up to a mighty 82in. Its 'Made In India' TVs now claim extra smart abilities like - in built virtual music system, cloud access, Live casting, Two-Way sharing and can turn into your personal computer. Worry not, you can still binge on your favourite shows on Netflix at a crisp 4K resolution with HDR turned on. Oh, these TVs are also secured by Samsung’s Knox security and seamless access to Microsoft Office 365 services over cloud. If you’re waiting for our opinion (how kind of you), stay tuned on our YouTube page for more.