Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screens will be coming to Indian theaters

With 4K, HDR and Stuff India employees at first day first show
31 May 2018 / 16:54IST

Gasp! Nearly a year ago Samsung sneaked an LED screen inside a South Korean theatre and placed it there. Since then Stuff India employees are applying for Visa to fly down and behold the 4K and HDR marvel that finally overthrows a century old projector custom. The Onyx (Pokemon name) LED screen will sport HDR and high detail levels. Samsung says the brightness will be ten times greater than your regular cinema projector. And yes, the next Infinity War can be watched in 3D here as well. The Onyx surround sound from JBL by Harman International and Samsung’s Audio Lab will satiate nitpicky audiophiles too. Now we just have to wait and see which Indian cinema content developers and cinema technology solution services providers will pick this up first. Bets anyone?