Nokia Media Streamer is Flipkart’s Fire TV Stick

An Android based streamer box
20 August 2020 / 16:43IST

For ₹3,499 your options to plug an Android based OTT streaming device to your dumb telly are plenty. Amazon’s own Fire TV Stick is where the race began, and with Xiaomi too dropping in to get a piece of the pie. But now Nokia is entering the market as well. Toasted with delicious Android 9.0 OS and a host of streaming services on your fingertips. Netflix and Zee5 have plonked their rightful place on the remote as well. The Nokia Media Streamer will even work with your 5Ghz network and let you avail Google Home and Chromecast features. Thrown in support for Dolby audio and Google AI voice control and this dinky Streamer pretty much serves the right purpose -  streaming FullHD content at 60Hz. Sadly, there’s no 4K support.