The new Apple TV looks like the old one – but the revamped Siri Remote mercifully does not

It’ll click with you
20 April 2021 / 23:29IST

Hoping for an Apple TV revolution? Too bad. The revamped Apple TV (from 18,900) looks identical to its predecessor. Fortunately, it has added grunt over the 2017 unit, using the A12 Bionic chip that first appeared in the iPhone XS. Not bleeding edge, but enough to beef up graphics, video, audio and gaming performance. The little black box now supports high frame rate HDR and Dolby Vision video, and souped up AirPlay means videos shot on your iPhone 12 Pro can be displayed in full 60fps Dolby Vision on the new Apple TV 4K. Your phone can be roped in to help properly colour balance what’s on your display too. Fortunately, the Siri Remote has been more fully rethought. You can now actually figure out which way up it is with ease, use the new directional clickpad for four-way navigation, scoot about using a touch-enabled bit in the middle, and twiddle the clickpad’s outer ring as if you were holding a super-skinny old-school iPod. Its power button can even turn off your telly if the Siri Remote’s shiny new styling makes you want to impulsively hurl your other remotes into the sea.