Kodak drops some 4K goodness

With three sizes to boot
06 September 2019 / 16:24IST

Kodak recently dropped some 4K TV’s which may not sound exciting at first, but you should be. The reason you should be excited is the price, as traditionally they have been quite well priced. And although they cannot compete too well with the giants in the TV business like LG, Sony and Samsung, the Kodak TV’s make for some pretty worthy bedroom entertainment units The new TV’s are available in three sizes, namely 43in, 50in and 55in. They are part of Kodak’s XSMART range, meaning it runs on Android 7.0, and having previously experienced the UI in action, we have to admit it’s not bad at all. The range also features HDR10, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, which we know is not cutting edge, but considering a starting price of ₹22,499, and it’s a pretty great bargain. Of course, we would need to test it out before we can give you a definite verdict. But as of now, it seems like a great time to upgrade to 4K entertainment.