Forget the cinema - Panasonic's FZ950 OLED TV is a real Hollywood hero

On-the-fly colour colour correction joins HDR10+ and Technics-tuned sound
09 January 2018 / 11:35IST

OLED TVs have the best picture contrast, end of story. So the next big battle for image quality will be over colour - and the FZ950 might already have the edge. It's because Panasonic is first out of the gate with dynamic LUT, a colour-correcting tech that lets the screen update its colour profile up to ten times every second, instead of just at the start of a movie or TV show. That should mean richer colours, especially in scenes with only average brightness. The FZ950 will also be Panasonic's first TV to use HDR10+, the open standard for HDR that's set to clash against Dolby Vision in the telly world's latest format war. The + symbol basically means things will be dynamic, like you'd get in a cinema, than the current, more static HDR10 format. A built-in "dynamic blade" soundbar, packing eight separate speaker drivers and tuned by Technics, should give sound quality a real step up, too. Already got a beefy home cinema system? Then the FZ800 ditches it, but keeps all the picture quality enhancements. Both models will be launching in 55in and 65in models later this year, but there's no word on pricing just yet.