This tapper/pedal combo makes your iPad a drum kit

Bash and bang, wherever you are
19 May 2017 / 18:00IST

Restless hands are the hallmark of a drummer away from their kit. And, good or otherwise, whacking wooden spoon handles against the kitchen counter just doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to keep your rhythm in on the road. Enter ACPD: a pair of aluminium sticks with conductive tips, fire up the app and you’ll get a responsive, real-time drum kit experience, without the heft of hauling a full-size setup. There’s even a wired bass pedal for foot stomping accuracy and a bundled leg strap for go-anywhere beats practice. New to the bongos? Back it on Kickstarter (from US$39; around ₹2,500) and you’ll be able to learn through the app, too.

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