Shifu Plugo makes screentime learning with AR fun for your kids

Let your kids have fun educating themselves using Augmented Reality
27 June 2019 / 14:41IST

Your kids always ask you for more time with your tablet, and now you will probably smile and give in to their requests without any hesitance.

With a new app and toy set, your kids can be hogging your tablet or smartphone for more screentime, and you won’t mind it. The Shifu Plugo is a STEM-based educational Augmented Reality (AR) educational gaming series for kids. Developed by AR tech startup PlayShifu, the gaming kit is aimed at children between 5 and 10 which teaches them using games that combines education with fun. There are two kits available -- Plugo Link and Plugo Count, both priced at ₹2499 (combo for ₹3499), which are physical toys consisting of a mat that works as a tablet or smartphone stand, and a few blocks  that helps the AR app. The app uses the tablet or smartphone’s front camera to create AR visuals on the screen by scanning the toys kept in the mat’s play area. The rest is physical work for the kid where the app helps educate them by using AR-based games. Every kit comes with four games and 256+ progressive levels to keep your kids engaged while they keep learning at every level. Be careful ahead as your kids may never know when to stop playing and you won’t stop them either.

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