Papier Machine Vol.0 brings paper to life, with pages that become interactive electronic toys

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29 January 2018 / 12:12IST

Modern electronics can be a hidden world of closed boxes. You might reasonably read a book to see how everything works, but Papier Machine Vol.0 (€45; around 3,549) suggests something better. Its colourful, beautifully designed pages can be transformed – by way of cutting, folding, assembling and scribbling – into six interactive experiments that utilise conductive ink. This initial volume concentrates on sound, and includes a ghost mask that whistles when you blow on it, and a graphite piano tuned by pencil marks. With this and Nintendo Labo doing the rounds, it’s surely only a matter of time before Stuff India reports on a fully functional PC you can construct from pre-printed sheets, a shoebox, two AA batteries, and a biro.

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