Make light of time with the EleksTube glow tube clock

It’s totally tubular
29 January 2018 / 12:08IST

When you think of clocks and technology, you probably imagine a cutting-edge timepiece – a slice of minimalism for your wall, or an AI assistant to badger you into getting up in the morning. By contrast, EleksTube (from $59 for one module, $99 for four, or $139 for six) resembles something you might find on a dusty shelf at the Science Museum. But this clock is, in fact, a fusion of old and new, simulating the look of Soviet-era glow tubes, and having you control its appearance from a PC. So you can bathe dark rooms in an eerie neon blue, trigger ‘water mode’, or fire up the stopwatch, bringing into being the most idiosyncratic egg timer around. Just like Stalin would have wanted.

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