IKEA joins forces with Lego to build the BYGGLEK storage solution

Building box
28 August 2020 / 13:08IST

Where adults see mess, kids see a stimulating playground. And that’s why parents get regular painful reminders of what it feels like to step on random Lego bricks hiding in the carpet. In joining forces with Lego, IKEA aims to bridge the divide between these world views with BYGGLEK (₹TBA, available 1 October). A range of IKEA-compatible boxes with Lego studs on, BYGGLEK is designed to house loose Lego, store stories, and even be integrated into ambitious large Lego builds. Although it strikes Stuff that the last of those things could again lead to Lego pieces falling off such creations and finding their way to your feet. Still, collectors will beam at the bag of bricks you get with the BYGGLEK, and parents can find solace that at least some bricks are safely stored out of harm’s (and their feet’s) way.

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