Why build a beast, when you can buy a beast – The Asus ROG Strix GA35

It’s big but will fit in your life just fine
02 June 2020 / 16:26IST

There’s something extra about the ROG Strix GA35 and we think it’s those benchmark crushing innards dropping at a tempting price point. The GA35 starts at ₹1,79,990 but can very easily go up to a wallet-melting ₹3,49,990. And for top dollar, you can bag the 7nm AMD Ryzen 9-3950X CPU which can (on paper) absolutely shred multitasking with its 16 cores and 32 threads. There’s even a custom Cooler Master AIO watercooler for the brains of this machine and the three chamber design for internal heat management is quite clever too. It basically separates the left side into two halves, the top one with a custom AIO watercooler for the processor and the lower chamber where the Nvidia RTX 2080Ti sits, gets fresh air from the front. Your harddrives, PSU and SSDs sit in the right chamber which has heat vents for thermal dissipation. The sombre-looking design is quite efficient actually with two hot swap SSD bays that lets users swap SSDs quickly for whatever reason they would do it. Asus says this feature is long requested by the community who will not only use a behemoth like GA35 for ultra-high end gaming but also for rendering and 3D work where heavy files need to be swapped in and out of machines quickly. Whatever you think your use is, don’t you dare plug it to a FullHD monitor.

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