New Omen 15 come in various configurations and a new paint coat

It’s not ominous looking for sure
21 July 2020 / 14:06IST

You won’t hear Omen chanting the ‘Omen by HP’ tagline any more. This is because Omen is trying to create an identity of its own and what better way to do it than to bombard the customers with choice. A choice between AMD and Intel based gaming laptops. You can splurge as far as the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super with Max-Q design and choose between Intel’s 10th gen i7 processors and AMD’s Ryzen 7 H-series processors in the top variant. The price for AMD laptops start from ₹75,999 and Intel laptops start from ₹79,999. Obviously, you can even push the RAM up to 32GB for performance crunching and this time there’s an OLED variant as well. Omen says there’s a single panel access for tinkerbells to access memory and storage slots for trouble-free upgrade too. The 15in chassis is also going to have a smaller footprint than its contemporaries but only time will tell. For now though, the rehaul on design and logo seems to be a serious shift on aesthetics, something which we’re very excited to test out in the coming weeks. 

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