Dell XPS 17 dislike bezels, and so do we

Power packed with style
18 August 2020 / 15:51IST

Dell XPS laptops are for those with a refined taste in design and a pocket full of cash. Boasting about innards like Intel 10th gen processors and Nvidia GPUs isn’t going to cut it. You have to start fighting those black borders around the screen and squeeze as much tech possible within a beautiful aluminium frame. The InfinityEdge display extends on all four sides this time, and we’ll give you a virtual cookie if you can find the camera (hint: it’s somewhere on the top). Dell also placed top firing speakers, something Mac users are familiar with, and the carbon fibre finish on the palm rest area is uniquely Dell, or rather Dell XPS. Dell says the 17in laptop is 48% smaller than most 15in laptops, which is absurdly compact if you ask us and we can't wait get our hands on this. The Dell XPS 17 is starting at ₹2,09,500 and comes with a 4K display too. It's available now in India.

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