Can the new Apple iPad Pro justify the pro tag with LiDAR, a backlit keyboard and trackpad?

AR Li-eading this decade?
19 April 2020 / 17:59IST

Apple’s iPad Pro lineup just got a whole lot interesting. After plenty of debates in the office, we agreed that the iPad Pro of 2018 was brought back to life in 2019 simply because of iPadOS. Fun fact: there ain’t many tablets left in the market as of today, so it’s surprising that Apple is still betting on its take-it-anywhere and use-it-however-you-like device. A bit oversimplified but bear with us. After the iPadOS fixed so many of the software drawbacks, Apple has added trackpad support with a new backlit floating hinge keyboard (It’s quite a looker). And just like the MacBook, this trackpad comes with its unique gesture controls. The LiDAR Scanner at the back sits next to the dual camera setup. It’s uniquely designed to let developers have more flexibility in AR. Think of it as FaceID but at the back; it can measure up to 5 metres and, according to Apple, operates at photon level at nano-second speeds. Almost similar to the technology used in autonomous cars for collecting depth information with precision. There are also Pro quality mics and a bump in the processing grunt thanks to the A12Z Bionic chip. Apple’s emphasis on Pro has never been so daunting, especially when it’s starting at ₹71,900 for 11in and ₹89,900 for the 12in (accessories aside). So yes, let’s see how ‘pro’ can Apple’s new iPad Pro take the world in 2020. Would we drop our laptops for this? We’ll find out when it drops in India this summer.

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