Spice up your typing with iGear’s typewriter-inspired wireless keyboard

Batteries included
10 March 2021 / 11:12IST

iGear has introduced a new keyboard called the KeyBee that’s a modern-retro take on the old typewriter and has nothing to do with bees. Priced at ₹2750, it also comes with a matching wireless mouse. While it may sound like I’m talking about a rustic-looking typewriter, this one looks quite modern. It is mainly down to the design and layout of the round keycaps, which according to the manufacturer can also be plucked out (like a mechanical keyboard) making it easier to clean. While it skips on the mechanical bits, (this is a regular keyboard) you do get a full-sized keyboard complete with a numeric keypad in a rather compact form factor. And it’s available in some cute colours with colour-matched keys like pink (with white, orange and red keys), green and blue apart from the regular black. Connecting it is as simple as plugging in the mini USB receiver into your laptop or desktop and you are good to go on Windows, macOS, Linux or Android (with a USB adapter).

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