LG’s new 18:9 smartphone is like a G6

Pared-back processing on the 5.5in Q6
09 August 2017 / 14:01IST

Want LG’s top-end G6 but don’t, you know, actually want it? Good news: LG’s made a lookalike. The newly announced Q6 packs the same 18:9 display ratio as its higher end sibling, albeit across 5.5 inches of better-than-Full-HD screen (rather than the G6’s 5.7). Where the G6 uses a Snapdragon 821 processor, the Q6 features a lesser Snapdragon 435 chip - and the latter ditches the former’s dual-lens camera setup for a 13MP rear camera, too, as well as shaving the battery down to 3,000mAh. It's priced at ₹14,990 and will be available exclusively on Amazon India.