Time to ditch the domestic help? Maybe. Maybe not.

iRobot, the tame scientists who bought us the Roomba, are back with a bai-replacement therapy.
17 May 2017 / 17:17IST

Housed in an unassuming white box that could easily be mistaken for a media server with a penchant for cleaning, what lies beneath is years of research and testing. The iRobot Roomba was the vacuum cleaner with the IQ of Stephen Hawking and now this, their first ever robot mopper, the Braava Jet. It streams a precision jet of water on targeted stains and spills on any sort of floor and can even be set to work on a 1 area in case of stubborn dirt. Designed to attack hard floors with three options of disposable pads - wet, damp and dry, along with a strong vibrating action and iAdapt 2.0, it maps the room, learns its contours and goes about its job of mopping the floor slower than Gangu bai. But hopefully, it won’t go on leave three months a year. It’s 2017, so of course it comes with a partnering app that controls the Braava Jet via Bluetooth and its Li-Ion battery will last for an hour before it requires a juice boost. Launch price is set at 17,900 (regular price 19,900) while the cleaning pads will sell for 690 for a box of 10. Available at iRobot’s flagship store in Bengaluru or on and soon also on Amazon India.

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