Sharp’s new air purifier does double duty as a mosquito catcher

Double agent Sharp cleans the air and traps all unsuspecting mosquito
21 July 2017 / 15:33IST

You might argue that your weekend trips to the greener side of things have kept you fresh and healthy. Where in some cases we might agree with you, Sharp believes that clean air is not the only way to go about living a healthy life. Especially during Monsoons. So, in the interest of public health and safety, they jammed a mosquito catcher inside the FP-FM40E air purifier. Apart from cleaning the air of unwanted particles, it also does air patrolling to catch any unsuspecting mosquito and fruit flies. Using UV light attracts mosquitoes and when they get close enough, it sucks them in and onto a strong glue sheet. Buzzkill. You can pick it up from Amazon India for ₹26,000.

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