Häfele’s Digital Home Security Solutions range of products aim to provide the finest vigilance

Sophisticated guard on duty 24x7
23 September 2020 / 18:21IST

Häfele’s given home security a whole new perspective with its integrated range of Digital Home Security Solutions. The range of products allows you to control multi-dimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device, whatever your lifestyle might be. Convenience is of utmost importance… it comes equipped with a fully-loaded face-recognition lock that complies to the highest standards of technology. Reading over 170 points on the user’s face means that it is highly sensitive to even the flinch of a nerve, and will allow access only if you emulate the expression that was pre-set at the time you set access recognition. With 5 different access modes – Face Recognition, Finger Print, Key Pad, RFID and Mechanical Key –Häfele’s RE-Veal Digital Lock is the authority in home security and access planning. Remote works on Bluetooth Technology and can be managed with the user-friendly ‘Häfele Access’ mobile application. You can set multiple access possibilities for yourself as well as your visitors through different password configurations. To maximise application, Häfele has also launched digital security solutions ideal for offices. The retro Digital Lock from Häfele, also part of the range, is an elegant design, ideally suited for glass doors.

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