Grow a natural living environment in your house using Biopod’s smart microhabitat

It’s a real-time smart farm simulator for the future
16 February 2018 / 14:13IST

Ever thought of growing your own farm after pulling an all-nighter playing Farm Simulator? Worry not farmer, Jared Wolfe’s Biopod (Canada based) is now in India to help preserve the environment and keep the organic era alive by employing Aeroponics. Just connect the app to the Biopod, instruct it what you want to grow and watch. You don't have to do anything, not even get your hands dirty. The Biopod will connect to its cloud and receive instructions to set up ideal conditions for the habitat by automatically regulating temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Can you plant seeds to grow a rainforest with a lot of reptiles, fish and plants? Yes farmer, you can. But what if you’re a rookie? The Biopod app will guide you. You can grow organic veggies, herbs, fruits, decorative plants, desert scapes, house terrestrial pets like frogs, fish, snakes etc. and then stalk your pets from your smartphone. Go on farmer, go back it on Kickstarter and order one for home or desk starting at ₹36,900 from Paytm mall or Biopod India, thanks to Vision Aqua.

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