Fitbit’s Aria 2 is a heavyweight smart scale

Carry your body mass with you anywhere
06 March 2018 / 16:53IST

Lord knows how many chocolate bourbons Stuff India HQ has scoffed down since the last Aria, but we sure could do with shaving a few of them off. Thankfully, the Aria 2 is here to help us out. A leaner, more accurate machine with easier Bluetooth setup than its predecessor, this new beast will measure a whole manner of your imperfections - including BMI, body fat percentage and weight - before feeding them into Fitbit’s app. In fact, it’ll do the same for seven more of your nearest and dearest as well, and has a brighter display so its pleasantly surprising/doom-laden results are easier to read. Tempted by the Aria 2? It's not officially out yet, but save up ₹9,990 to buy it from Fitbit India.  

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