Amazon’s new Echo Input speaker is literally Alexa on the go

Alexa, order toilet paper!
04 December 2019 / 12:45IST

For all the times you wished Alexa was nearby and listening, well... Amazon heard you! Its newest Echo speaker is literally the most convenient way to “Alexa…”, no matter whether you are in your home or office. Unlike any other Amazon smart speaker, you can take the Echo Input with you! So whether it’s sipping lemonade by the poolside, or listening to some tunes when you answer nature’s call, Alexa is always around waiting for your next command. Priced at ₹4999, the Echo Input packs in its own rechargeable 4800mAh battery that powers the speaker and lets you access Alexa from anywhere in your home. Amazon also promises 10 hrs of music playback, so your new Input will fight for the same table space as your traditional Bluetooth speaker. You will still have to carry the Input with you as it still does not have wheels to follow you around your home. But we can always count on Amazon to deliver something similar soon.

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