Samsung’s new Smart Monitor is designed for work and play

This super sleek monitor is both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
09 April 2021 / 16:18IST

Given the work from home situation we are all in, there’s always a shortage of space. Halls have turned into offices and the TV is used for conference calls. In short, devices that may have not been designed for a second purpose have to take up that dual role. And this is where Samsung’s sleek new Smart Monitor steps in. Priced from ₹28,000 it’s available in two flavours, the M7 and the M5. The M7 features a 32-inch UHD display, while the M5 settles for a 27-inch FHD unit. The monitor is built for WFH given that it can be used as a monitor for work, and doubles up as a gaming monitor for play or one that’s also big enough for some Netflix. The Smart Monitor incorporates powerful mobile and PC connectivity, remote home office and learning features as well as Smart Hub, a comprehensive entertainment hub, similar to Samsung’s built-in Smart TV platform, to watch OTT content seamlessly. And if you have a Galaxy device around, you can even connect the two for a proper DeX setup. Both monitors also feature a 10W speaker system (5Wx2) so you won’t have to worry about hunting for a pair of headphones or a speaker when you switch between work and play.

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