Portronics Diski solves the backup and storage problem in 4 ways

Micro USB, USB Type-C, Apple’s lightning and a USB
12 September 2017 / 17:39IST

Imagine this, you're in an event, your job is to take videos and photos. Your phone runs out memory. You can't delete any of the data. What do you do? Store it on some cloud? What if the Wi-Fi / data went MIA? Still thinking? Stop. Looks like Portronics Diski is here to fill those gaps. It’s a multi-purpose card-reader-ish device, with four different uses for different devices. Just drop in a Micro SD card (8GB to 256GB) in the Diski and connect your phone/laptop to it. It solves problems like, storage issues, instant back-ups, handy OTG flash drive and file transfers too. The Diski supports all types of files and works on iOS too (requires an app and it’s MFI certified). With a writing speed of 11 to 30ms and reading speed of 20-17ms, this tool by Portronics Diski costs ₹2,999. It comes with a 6-month warranty too.

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