Victorinox’s Wine Master brings its 130mm glory to your wine bottles

The long corkscrew is for sinfully alcoholic indulgences
04 October 2017 / 15:08IST

We’ve all got that one friend who wants to drink during any time of the day or night. You can’t help but feel a bit excited ‘coz you wanted it, but someone else said it for you. Lucky for you, because, if the hardest thing you’re asked to do during the day is to open a bottle of wine, this is the right tool for you. And you’d better make it look easy and do it with a little class. The latest in the Ranger Wood line of the 130mm by Victorinox is a sleek companion for those midday/mid-noon/midnight/mid-almost-anything clinks. The pocket knife masters have mastered the wine connoisseur’s taste with this multifunctional tool with olive wood finish and a longer corkscrew. Why? Just coz they know you have needs... Priced at ₹11,380, this Wine Master can be purchased here. There’s a double lever for uncorking, and a wavy-edged blade for cutting and removing the foil on the cork, ensuring wine is savoured, as it should be!